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Updated: Mar 21, 2018

DATIN ESTHER HU, Founder and principle of Humanities Academy, with Frankie Chen. Special Guest Steve Lau, Director of NuPuree Sdn Bhd present MUZEN Apple Juice Enzyme first introduce in Malaysia 20 February 2018.

This is the best Apple Juice Enzyme Detox product i ever use, say by Steve Lau.

Begin your 15 Days detox and get beauty journey, just let Natural Enzymes from Apple Juice tune and shape your body simply just a sachet daily. Packed under stringent Malaysian Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) which seals it's goodness in powder format, then blended carefully with other gut-friendly goodness like Oat Fibre and Psyllium Husks.Our team work tirelessly to ensure your detoxing experience is proven to aid you towards a healthier-happier digestive system that may exhibit results of a slimmer body.

In today's modern word, our children, our parents and ourselves especially face situations where the need to perform takes precedence in our lives and sacrificing the most important gift of our life. Health. We stay up late to compete projects for our office, and many a time, we have irregular meals and in time pressed situations, our family too have to sacrifice as eating out and indulging on fast food may seem the best solution to meet our modern and demanding lifestyle.

But one major system in our body takes a toll and it is our digestive system. Bodily symptoms that may occur if your body's digestive system is unhealthy and may be in need of

enzymes to restore its functions.

● Bad breath

● Constipation

● Face Acne

● Indigestion

● Bloating

● Weight gain

● Dull skin

Best Natural ingredients Benefit you

Apple Stem Cell, Extract

● Reverse skin aging process

● Accelerate the skin’s reactivate, rejuvenation and revitalise process

● Eliminate wrinkles, scars and pigmentation problems

Apple fiber

Possesses the potential of binding with harmful heavy metals, chemicals and toxins in the body to stimulate and promote peristalsis function by absorbing water in the colon, and hence helps to eliminate body's waste and toxins, relieve inert constipation, as well as purify the intestines.

Oat fiber

● Excrement volume expansion, good water absorption,

● Has strong water absorption ability, which results in greater total volume of the intestinal contents, in order to promote intestinal peristalsis and accelerate the role of excrement in the intestine to facilitate the process of defecation

● Oat fiber filling the stomach cavity after eating, it takes a long time to digest and prolongs the time of gastric emptying, and hence make you feel full for long thereby decreasing caloric intake.

Psyllium husk

● A major source of dietary fiber that can be used as a missing fiber in low-carbohydrate diets.

● Possesses cholesterol reducing effect

● Act as a good bowel cleansing agent to accelerate the digestion of the feaces, increase satiety, and help with weight management.

Natural Enzymes into your digestive system to aid its functions in nutrients absorption. And when the body gets its nutrients, other vital systems like our immunity system gets a boost to keep us healthy. And it shows when your skin glows. Its special blend also comes with Double Fibre to aid bowel movement and results in the removal of harm causing toxins in our body and continuous use of 15 days, our Natural Enzymes with Apple Juice keeps the digestive system clean and healthy. And if you are on a quest to manage your waistline, you may experience greater results with the aid of our product. Our Assurance to you that our products are of high quality, efficacy and safe.

1. Good quality assurance of enzyme

Select good quality with deep fermentation extraction, the fermentation process is supervised under strict regulation in order to ensure the product quality.

2. Double fiber with double caring

The effects of dietary fibers with high water-binding and anti bloating ability aids the gastrointestinal function by promoting intestinal peristalsis and activate healthy bowel movements and discharge body wastes easily by promoting the intestinal peristalsis.

3. A gentle & mild formula

Do not induce gut dependence; do not cause intestinal discomfort; do not feel severe abdominal pain; do not cause problems in daily life.

9 reasons why you need MUZEN Apple Juice Enzyme

● Enriched with apple enzyme and the 100% natural potent extract that go through strict quality control process

● The 11 active ingredients help purify the entire body gently, selectively and effectively

● Regularly review the effectiveness and purity of all ingredients to ensure good taste and quality as always

● Do not induce gut dependence; do not cause intestinal discomfort; do not feel severe abdominal pain; do not cause problems in daily life.

● Safe and effective with no side effects

● 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives added

● A good source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber

● Suitable for vegans

● It is the best comprehensive solution to detoxify the body

As The MUZEN Relaxing Detox Range is a safe and health complimentary product, we recommend continuous use as a daily enhancement to enrich your life with Natural Enzymes from Apple Juice to keep your body's digestive system healthy and functional, so you can enjoy and live a healthy and fulfilled life.

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